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Phone Fax
Mark Null James.M.Null@usace.army.mil (601)634-2189 (601)634-3151
Chief, Field Data Collection and Analysis Branch : (CDR USNR ret.) Vicksburg, MS. Coastal oceanography and nearshore processes with emphasis on the impact of these areas on military operations and maneuverability.

Bill Birkemeier William.Birkemeier@usace.army.mil (252)261-6840 ext 229 (252)261-4432
Washington DC liaison : All aspects of coastal and field data collection, coastal storms, near shore processes, and connecting the public with the science of the coast.

Cliff Baron Clifford.F.Baron@usace.army.mil (252)261-6840 ext 222 (252)261-4432
Computer Specialist : Networking, Webmaster, and Programmer. Oversees data acquisition and computer automation.

Eve-Marie Devaliere Eve.M.Devaliere@usace.army.mil (252)261-6840 ext 231 (252)261-4432
Contractor : University of North Carolina : Computer Scientist specializing in numerical model implementation and validation.

Mike Forte Michael.F.Forte@usace.army.mil (252)261-6840 ext 228 (252)261-4432
Research Physical Scientist : Beach and near shore mapping specialist.

Dan Freer Dan.Freer@usace.army.mil (252)261-6840 ext 239 (252)261-4432
Senior Electronics Technician : Instrumentation and field logistics specialist.

Dr. Jeffrey Hanson Jeffrey.L.Hanson@usace.army.mil (252)261-6840 ext. 238 (252)261-4432
Research Oceanographer : Investigator of surface wave processes and air-sea interaction, lead inventor of APL-WAVES software.

Kent Hathaway Kent.K.Hathaway@usace.army.mil (252)261-6840 ext 224 (252)261-4432
Research Oceanographer : Instrumentation & data collection specialist. Computer interfacing, programming, and image processing.

Dr. Charles Long Charles.E.Long@usace.army.mil (252)261-6840 ext 223 (252)261-4432
Research Oceanographer : Specialist of near shore process physics, keeper of the 8-m directional wave array.

Dr. Jesse McNinch Jesse.Mcninch@usace.army.mil (252)261-6840 ext 243 (252)261-4432
FRF Group Leader : Facility Point of Contact
Research Oceanographer : Interests are Coastal Morphodynamics, especially storm-related beach erosion and coastal flooding.

Jason Pipes Jason.O.Pipes@usace.army.mil (252)261-6840 ext 236 (252)261-4432
Civil Engineering Technician: Deployment and field logistics specialist.

Judy Roughton Judy.C.Roughton@usace.army.mil (252)261-6840 ext 221 (252)261-4432
Contractor : Office Manager.

Brian Scarborough Brian.L.Scarborough@usace.army.mil (252)261-6840 ext 226 (252)261-4432
Civil Engineering Technician : Master mechanic, amphibious vehicle operator, deployment specialist, welder, fabricator.

Ray Townsend C.R.Townsend@usace.army.mil (252)261-6840 ext 235(252)261-4432
Equipment Specialist : FRF Diving Coordinator, deployment and field logistics specialist.

Dr. Heidi Wadman heidir@vims.edu (252)261-6840 ext 244 (252)261-4432
Contractor : Virginia Institute of Marine Science : Geologist specializing in geomorphology and spatial analysis.