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Waves Work Unit

The Wave Work Unit is working with Navy and NOAA federal partners to develop and test the next generation of numerical wave modeling technology with improved shallow water physics.

Hurricane Katrina Lake Pontchartrain Wave Height Simulation
MORPHOS is making advancements in critical wave modeling areas, including the improved representation of bottom friction and diffraction in the nearshore wave model STWAVE. A primary focus of the Waves Work Unit is the development of a new Time-Stepping WAVE model (TSWAVE). As part of this effort, MORPHOS is advancing nearshore wave modeling technology to include consistently-scaled spectral source terms that operate equally well in deep or shallow water. An improved semi-Lagrangian method for numerical simulation of wave propagation across arbitrary bathymetry and current fields is also being developed for implementation in TSWAVE. An efficient numerical model for deterministic 4-wave resonant interactions using a kinetic equation derived from the Boussinesq equations for arbitrary depth is also being advanced to support development of an efficient phase-resolving wave modeling technology for deep- and shallow-water applications.

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