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The DUCK94 Coastal Field Experiment

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The Coastal and Hydraulics Laboratory (formerly the Coastal Engineering Research Center) of the US Army Engineer Waterways Experiment Station has hosted a series of increasingly complex, multi-investigator, multi-agency nearshore field experiments at its Field Research Facility (FRF) located in Duck, North Carolina, USA. Three experiments, DELILAH and DUCK94, and SandyDuck,  all have the basic objectives of improving fundamental understanding and modeling of surf zone physics.  DUCK94 and SandyDuck were designed to resolve sediment transport and morphologic evolution at bedform scales from ripples to nearshore bars. DUCK94 was a pilot effort to test instruments and procedures required for the more comprehensive SandyDuck experiment.  An overview of the DUCK94 experiment  discusses the participants, environmental conditions, data collected, and data availability.   To view a plot of the climatology during the DUCK94 experiment click here.
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