SandyDuck 97 Experiment Codes

This page provides a list of the character code used to identify the individual SandyDuck 97 experiments. Data is not available of all of these experiments - see the list in the data server or the appropriate ftp directories.

Click the experiment KEY for data, or click the experiment title for a description of the experiment.
Key PI/Description Duration
RAB1 Beach, Holman, Sternberg, Ogston, Conley Aug, Oct
Fluid-Sediment Interactions in the Surf Zone
TGDZ Drake, Snyder Aug, Oct
Side-Scan Sonar Studies of Nearshore Morphology in the Vicinity of Duck, NC
JPD Dugan Oct
Nearshore Measurements for Long-Range Remote Sensing
ED1 Edson Aug, Oct
Application of a Marine Surface Layer Model to the Coastal Environment
SPUV Elgar, Herbers, O'Reilly, Guza Aug,Oct
Surf zone Waves, Currents, and Morphology
FBWV Friedrichs, Brubaker, Wright, Vincent Oct
Cross-Shoreface Suspended Sediment: A Response to the Intersection of Nearshore and Shelf Processes
JHGG Haines, Gelfenbaum, Wilson Oct
Vertical Structure, Bedforms, and Turbulence
UFDH Hanes, Vincent Aug, Oct
Near Bed Intermittent Suspension
AJB Hay, Bowen, Doering, Zedel Oct
Nearshore Sediment Dynamics: Suspension, Bedforms, and Bubbles
HEIT?Heitmeyer Oct
Surf-Noise Experiment
HER?Herbers, O'Reilly, Guza Oct
Wave Propagation Across the Continental Shelf
THASHolland, SallengerOct
Swash Zone Morphology
ROBH Holman Aug, Oct
Large Scale Response
PAH Howd, Beavers Aug, Oct
Geologic Signature of Storm Events on the Inner Continental Shelf and Outer Surf Zone
PAH2 Howd, Hathaway Aug, Oct
Shoreface Processes and Resulting Bed Response
PAH3 Howd, Haines Gelfanbaum Aug, Oct
Vertical Stucture of Mean Flows: The Inner-Shelf to Surf Zone Transition
RJ? Jensen Aug, Oct
Evolution of Wave Spectra in Shallow Water Part II
JOL Jol Aug, Oct
Ground Penetrating Radar of the Beachface/ Shoreface, SandyDuck Experiment
TL Lippman Aug, Oct
Observations of Nearshore Wave Breaking, Whitecapping, and Large Scale Sand Bar Morphology
JL List Oct
Regional Shoreline Change
FRF Long Aug, Sep, Oct
Directional Wave Observations
HCM Miller, Resio Aug, Oct
Bulk Sediment Transport Rates During Storms
SAL? Sallenger Aug, Oct
Coastal Applications of Scanning Airborne Laser (LIDAR)
SMT? Smith Aug, Oct
Observations of Waves and Currents Near the Surf Zone
SU? Su Aug, Oct
Coastal Breaking Wave and Bubble Measurements
SV? Svendsen, Grosskopf Aug, Oct
Field Measurements and Nearshore Modeling at SandyDuck
EBT Thornton, Stanton Aug, Oct
Nearshore Wave and Sediment Processes
DT Trizna, Kirby Aug, Oct
Experiment Tests of Boussinesq Wave Models in the Near Shore Zone
DT Trizna Aug, Oct
Marine Radar Remote Sensing of Bar and Rip Morphology
DT Trowbridge Aug, Oct
Measurement of Bottom Stress in the Wind- and Wave-forced Nearshore Environment
DTEW Wu, Shih, Kobayashi Aug, Oct
Nearshore Water Level Profiles During Storms