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SandyDuck '97 Experiment: PAH-3 Cross-shore Array ADP Data

Please contact Peter Howd if you transfer any of these data. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vertical Structure of Mean Flows: The Inner-Shelf to Surf Zone Transition -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Gauge Location

This file contains information about the cross-shore array of 5 Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler's (ADP's) collected during the Sandyduck experiment of 1997. This work was done in cooperation with the USGS JHGG Experiment (John Haines and Guy Gelfenbaum). Six bottom mounted pods (D48, D55N, D55S, D73, D80, D105) were deployed at the following coordinates: Pod Id v X(m) Y(m) D(m) Nominal Gage Depth (m) Latitude (N) Longitude (W) D48 (PUVWT) 459 1000 4.9 4.6 with 0.25 m bins 36 11.24729' 75 44.89812' D55N (UVWT) 593 993 5.6 5.3 with 0.25 m bins 36 11.26625' 75 44.81172' D55N (P) v 593 993 5.6 5.6 36 11.26625' 75 44.81172' D55S (PUVWT) 587 880 5.6 5.3 with 0.25 m bins 36 11.20718' 75 44.79205' D73 (UVWT) 746 994 7.3 7.0 with 0.25 m bins 36 11.29253' 75 44.71494' D73 (P) 746 994 7.3 7.3 36 11.29253' 75 44.71494' D80 (PUVWT) 920 937 8.1 7.8 with 0.25 m bins 36 11.29253' 75 44.59280' D105 (PUVWT) 1292 945 10.5 10.2 with 0.25 m bins 36 11.35928' 75 44.35865' where PUVWT: P=Pressure, U=cross_shore current, V=longshore curent, W=vertical current, and T=water temperature. X, Y, Z and D respectivly indicate cross-shore, longshore, gauge elevation, and nominal bottom positions with horizontal positions given in the FRF coordinate system, and elevation given in meters relative to NGVD. Note: D55S was offset to the south from the cross-shore array, and the array was not strictly oriented cross-shore. All pods had Sontek ADP current profilers (Model # ???) with PUVWT data with the exception of D55N and D73 that had pressure data from SeaBird Paros sensors (Sontek, Seabird, and Paros are trade marked). Data Data Type U profile of mean flow (units ???) positive ??? V profile of mean flow, (m???) positive south ??? W profile of mean flow, positive ??? P mean pressure T mean temperature More detailed tables of "gauge positions") Daily status of data collection (X=full day collected, P=partial day colected, -=no collection).

Data sampling information:

Data was collected at ??? Hz for 210 seconds, averaged, and stored every 5 minutes. ADP collection ran for 43 days between ??? and ???.

Data File Information

Current data is stored in Matlab format (*.mat) files with supplemental data stored in '*.hdr' files. A program "cross_plot" to plot the entire cross-shore data set and seven plots of period of interest are provided in the "Plots" directory. Matlab (*.mat) and supplemental information (*.hdr) files are located in the "PAH3 directory". The "Plots Directory" contains plots from the 'cross_plot.m' Matlab program.