U.S. Army Corps of Engineers : Waterways Experiment Station
Coastal and Hydraulics Laboratory
Field Research Facility
in Duck, North Carolina

STORM objectives

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note: 2 disk set

Folder Outline

Bathy (disk1)
CRAB survey data
Lead line surveys along the pier
SIS data

CONC (disk1) Vims sediment concentratrion data

IMAGES (disk1)
Arete - Erdman video system from FRF tower
Argus - Video time-exposures and snapshots from the FRF tower, located north of the pier, lookin north.
So_tower- Video time-exposures and snapshots from the Lippman tower, located south of the pier, looking north

SEDMNT (disk1)

SISyymm - SIS data grouped by transect, for APR97(disk1) and OCT97(disk2)

Be sure to visit the STORM team web page at http://www.frf.usace.army.mil/STORM/storm4-97.html