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1990 DELILAH Nearshore Experiment
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Here you will find the primary data sets collected during the DELILAH nearshore experiment held in October 1990 at the Field Research Facility (FRF) of the US Army Corps of Engineers located in Duck, North Carolina. DELILAH was sponsored by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the Office of Naval Research and by the Naval Research Laboratory. The experiment was designed to investigate the physics of the nearshore zone using a large array of stationary and mobile instruments, video cameras, radar systems, and precision surveys. DELILAH data are available in three formats including:
  • Published report: Birkemeier, W. A., Donoghue, C., Long, C. E., Hathaway, K. K., and Baron, C. F., 1997, "The DELILAH Nearshore Experiment: Summary Data Report," US Army Corps of Engineers, Waterways Experiment Station, Vicksburg, MS. (For a copy, contact the Field Research Facility)
  • CD-ROM which includes the published report in Adobe® Acrobat (PDF) format and the data.
  • Web site: which provides the same information as the CD-ROM

This information is based on the published report with modifications to provide access to the data and descriptions of the data formats. Data can be accessed from the appropriate topic, or directly from the "Data" section. The following links are also included at the top of each DELILAH page.

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