Survey Data Files and Plots

13-m Deep Survey Data
The 13-m deep survey information is available in a original data file (3D), as a rectangular grid format file (gr),
and plotted in cgm and eps graphic formats.
13m_deep_3d.cgm 13m_deep_3d.eps 13m_deep_3d.GIF
13m_deep_contour.cgm 13m_deep_contour.eps 13m_deep_contour.GIF

Minigrid Survey Data

Cross-section comparison plots between successive surveys for all profile lines. One plot per survey with all minigrid surveys (by profile lines) in this single file Mgrid2D.DAT.

Two-dimensional cross-section comparison plots
DE901002.CGM DE901002.GIF DE901003.CGM DE901003.GIF
DE901004.CGM DE901004.GIF DE901005.CGM DE901005.GIF
DE901006.CGM DE901006.GIF DE901007.CGM DE901007.GIF
DE901008.CGM DE901008.GIF DE901009.CGM DE901009.GIF
DE901010.CGM DE901010.GIF DE901011.CGM DE901011.GIF
DE901012.CGM DE901012.GIF DE901013.CGM DE901013.GIF
DE901014.CGM DE901014.GIF DE901015.CGM DE901015.GIF
DE901016.CGM DE901016.GIF DE901017.CGM DE901017.GIF
DE901018.CGM DE901018.GIF DE901019.CGM DE901019.GIF

The DELILAH minigrid survey data presented in the 3D-format data files contains the survey line number, x (cross-shore) , y (longshore) and z (depth relative to NGVD) coordinates in meters. Coordinates are relative to a pier-orthogonal system whose origin is located behind the dunes and along the FRF's south property boundary.

3D survey data files are ASCII files containing all profile lines surveyed during a single survey. The filenames include the survey date. For example, the file containing survey data collected on October 12, 1990 is labeled DE901012.3d.

Sample: 3D Minigrid Format line
DE170   2901001  907        89.682   1282.351      2.837 
Parameter and FORTRAN Format specification
Locality Code (DE for DELILAH) A2
Profile Line number A3
Survey number I4
Date (YYMMDD) I6
Computer Clock Time (EST in HHMM) I5
X coordinate (cross-shore in m) F11.3
Y coordinate (longshore in m) F11.3
Z coordinate (elevation, m NGVD) F11.3
3d Contour Plot & Data Files
DE901001.3d   MG901001.GIF   MG901001.cgm
DE901002.3d   MG901002.GIF   MG901002.cgm
DE901003.3d   MG901003.GIF   MG901003.cgm
DE901004.3d   MG901004.GIF   MG901004.cgm
DE901005.3d   MG901005.GIF   MG901005.cgm
DE901006.3d   MG901006.GIF   MG901006.cgm
DE901007.3d   MG901007.GIF   MG901007.cgm
DE901008.3d   MG901008.GIF   MG901008.cgm
DE901009.3d   MG901009.GIF   MG901009.cgm
DE901010.3d   MG901010.GIF   MG901010.cgm
DE901011.3d   MG901011.GIF   MG901011.cgm
DE901012.3d   MG901012.GIF   MG901012.cgm
DE901013.3d   MG901013.GIF   MG901013.cgm
DE901014.3d   MG901014.GIF   MG901014.cgm
DE901015.3d   MG901015.GIF   MG901015.cgm
DE901016.3d   MG901016.GIF   MG901016.cgm
DE901017.3d   MG901017.GIF   MG901017.cgm
DE901018.3d   MG901018.GIF   MG901018.cgm
DE901019.3d   MG901019.GIF   MG901019.cgm
Rectangular Grid Format Files
DE900919.GR DE901001.GR DE901002.GR DE901003.GR
DE901004.GR DE901005.GR DE901006.GR DE901007.GR
DE901008.GR DE901009.GR DE901010.GR DE901011.GR
DE901012.GR DE901013.GR DE901014.GR DE901015.GR
DE901016.GR DE901017.GR DE901018.GR DE901019.GR