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Biral Air Visibility Sensor

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3 day plot of all variables for Biral

Biral SWS Present Weather Sensor
Model: SWS-200

The Biral collection is set to internally average for 60s and six
cosequtive records are averaged for 6 minute recorded in the monthly
statistics files.

Example data format
 yr  mm da hhmm pos ave    vis  temp   rain   vis1   vis2   vis3   vis4   vis5   vis6  c1 c2 c3 c4 c5 c6 rm1 rm2 rm3 rm4 rm5 rm6
2009  7 22 1306  8  60    2774  28.1   0.000  3000   2550   2640   2840   2810  -1000  51 51 51 51 51 -1 22O 22O 22O 22O 22O 999

yr=year, mm=month, da=day, hhmm=time (UTC)
vis= meteorological optical range, 6 minute averave (m)
temp = temperature (deg C)
rain= precipation over average (6 minutes)
vis1-vis6= meteorological optical range, 60s averages (-1000 for missing value)
c1-c6= weather code for each 60s, from WMO table 4860 (-1 for missing values)
rm1-rm6= remote maintenance (RM) code ABC (2 for mising value X):
    A=0 - no RM fault                              A=1 - RM fault exists
    B=0 - window not comtaminated                  B=1 - window comtaminated
    C=0 - sensor not reset since last 'R' command  C=1 - sensor reset on last 'R' command