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The FRF Aerial Photos is an archive of aerial photographs, covering the coast of North Carolina which includes the US Army Corps of Engineers Field Research Facililty (FRF). These images are from the collection of the North Carolina coast owned by the FRF. A listing of available Outer Banks photograph is available in PDF format (62k file).

Three overlapping images are available for each year, along with a merged image of all three. NOTE: The merged image was created aligning the shoreline for purposes of viewing and is not photogramatically correct. Persons wishing to have merged photos for uses other than viewing, should download the three individual images.

Nominal scale for these images is 1:12,000. To determine a more exact scale, the pier is 560.83 m (1840 ft) measured long measured from the edge of the concrete deck to the end. The width of the pier is 6.1 m (20 ft).

These images are available in two different resolutions: a large jpeg(~200K), and a full size, 300 dpi jpeg (~2,000K). Each is viewable and downloadable via the buttons on the html pages. Additionally, all of the images are available via FTP link at the top of the page.

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