USACE Field Research Facility
Field Research Facility
Coastal & Hydraulics Laboratory
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Welcome to the Field Research Facility. Located on the Atlantic Ocean near the town of Duck, North Carolina (...2MB pdf map), the FRF is an internationally-recognized coastal observatory. Instruments at the facility constantly record the changing waves, winds, tides, and currents. Central to the facility is a 1840 foot long pier and specialized vehicles. The FRF was established in 1977 by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and is part of the Coastal and Hydraulics Laboratory (headquarters in Vicksburg, MS). (More hirez pic...)

Ongoing Projects & Experiments
CSA Currituck Sound array observing platform...
  • RIOS Radar Inlet Observing System...
  • RIOS Radar Inlet Observing System, Oregon Inlet...
  • WIS National Wave Hindcasts...
  • Bethany Beach, DE wave studies...
  • Ocean City, MD wave studies...
  • New River Inlet Radar wave studies...
  • PILOT/SWIMS typhoon/hurricane studies...
  • Past projects ...
  • Field Research Facility
    Jul 24, 2021 1811 EST
    All Times are Eastern Standard Time
    Rel Humidity57%
    Air Temp 27°C    81°F
    Winds 9.3 kts from SE
    5 m/s from 135 ° True N
    Waves 10mi offshore 0.5 m (1.6 ft) 10.5 s
    110 ° from True North
    Water Temp Pier End 26°C    79°F
    1:24am(L) 7:18am(H) 1:18pm(L) 7:36pm(H)
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    Video Imaging : 22 Jul at 0700 EST

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    Camera1(N) Camera2(NNE) Camera3(NE) Camera4(E) Camera5(SSE) Camera6(S)

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